Friday, 24 February 2017


It feels strange to be back, writing this blog post. It feels like such a long time has passed. Everything feels different. It is like meeting an old friend after years of estrangement. There is awkwardness, a sense of years lost, a lack of subjects to talk about but at the same time there is so much to say if one feels comfortable enough. At the end of the day when you think about the whole meeting , you realize it is you who changed not the other person. 
Looking down at the keyboard i see my fingers struggling to find the alphabets, shivering a little. Outside my windows everything is still, there is less traffic in the road. The tree is again in full bloom but spring is still so far away.My child is taking a nap,and i have seized this opportunity to write again. Its been a year, I was so distracted as a first time mother i didn't think much about writing. No, wait a minute, i am a huge liar. Everyday i thought of writing. Every night i thought of writing. There were voices in my head saying write write. Finally I have pulled myself together and i hope to write more this year.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

Hello , after a long time

I have been neglecting you for so long, my dear blog and my darling blogger buddies. There were so many other things to keep my mind busy I just didn't find the time to write. Major life changing events have happened in my life. I am thrilled to announce that I am a mom now to a beautiful baby girl. Oh my God only if these words could grow feet...then they would dance in front of you...thats how happy I am....I cant write about it. I cant put words to what I am feeling. One thing I can say , my world has become a beautiful place. Thank you God.

Monday, 9 March 2015


Sometimes it is very hard for me to fathom the concept of freedom of speech. Yes, everybody has it. Even people who have committed heinous crimes like those who raped and killed Jyoti Singh. A commotion is going on in India because of the documentary 'India's Daughter' with people advocating to lift the ban and people who are against it. I didnt see the documentary. By the time I got to it BBC had already removed it from youtube. I guess I should be thankful that I didnt get to see it. All the reviews and various newspaper articles talk about how one of the convicts has just blabbered and blabbered on about how brutal the whole act was and how it was the fault of the girl. He has no remorse apparently. In India if a woman gets raped it is because she walked alone in the night, this is the prevailing mentality. It is rooted so deep in the society that it cant be pulled out.What I dont understand is how the film maker could stand opposite this man and hear him exalt his sadomasochistic attitude and insult a girl he killed in the most inhuman manner imaginable. I dont think people like him deserve an audience. I dont think he deserves to open his mouth. Especially not to hail his actions. What message does that serve? The revelation that this is the attitude of Indian society? But this seemed to be a very sadistic way of telling it.
I dont think that day will dawn when women will be free to walk the streets of India without having to look behind their back all the time. I dont think I will ever be able to leave the front door without my child reaching safely home. I dont think I can ever not worry knowing she is outside. And this makes me afraid to go back to my country.

Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Monsoon Friend

After the first monsoon
remember how termites sprout wings
and the way they fly towards the first light bulb
How we sat on the porch steps
as the dusk fell like a fragrance and
the water dripped from leaves
talking about this and that
and about that puddle where tadpoles swam
and how to catch them and put them inside 
old glass bottles with missing lids
the way we fail every time to catch them
how we always return with just water in the glass bottles
The nights of lightning sparks
counting the seconds before the thunder strikes
You were afraid like all the other children
but I wasn't
Yes, I was strange like that but u didn't mind
The days we gathered water droplets 
in deep green leaves of colacasia 'the elephant's ear'
How we were two mowglis
running blissfully in the jungle
Remember how I loved to walk around barefoot
and the time when in your garden
a butterfly sat on my left foot
Me trying hard not to giggle
and you with a wide smile on your face
Yes, those were the times....those were 
the times.......

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Notes on a foggy day

I hate foggy days. For someone like me who is at home 24/7 it can be very depressing. Who wants to look at a sad sky? I know I don't want to. My faceless neighbour  have put music which I can hear from my bathroom. He or she is an ardent music lover. Every morning around 10.20 the music starts. It goes on till 11. Every day this happens without fail. There is a diversity in the selection of the music. It ranges from hip hop to rock to pop. One day I heard a tune I really liked. I havent heard it before anywhere. And sometimes when I go out in the balcony , a nice fragrance floats from down below. Our downstairs neighbours' air freshener. It is a beautiful scent. It smells of fresh flowers, sandalwood and clean fabric. It is funny. How much you learn about the people living next door without even meeting them face to face. Some annoy you , some make you curious, some are so quiet you doubt whether there is anyone living there, some are door slammers. I wonder what category we fall into.

Lets see, hmm...we play loud music at odd hours....bollywood, hip hop, pop, Instrumental, fusion, latin pop, music from three Indian languages, malayalam, tamil, Hindi ...we go out when the mood strikes us for drives and we check twice whether the door is locked, we cook a lot, I am very loud in the kitchen, pots and pans clang, utensils fall down, Pressure cooker will blow whistles, and all that commotion which usually happen in an Indian kitchen. God, we are horrible! lol. But we always smile and say hi if we run into our neighbours which happens once in a blue moon.

Anyway let me dedicate two songs to you guys. Click on the below links.

Lag jaa gale | In the arms of an angel - The Jonita Gandhi Band -

Galliyan (Acoustic Cover) - Aakash Gandhi (ft Shankar Tucker, Jonita Gandhi, Sanjoy Das, & Rupak)

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Innocent games

Call your friends, real and imaginary. Call everyone.
Go quietly and gather old newspapers, dont worry, take them from the dusty racks,
they have no use anymore
hush hush your friends,

run upstairs, run up to the terrace and
hide in your favourite spot and tear them up
yes, go on and tear them up into small pieces, in all shapes and sizes
just the way you like
hush hush your friends

Finished? Gather the pieces now
scoop them inside your tiny hands
Dont worry if some of them fall off
some of them might escape your clutches
but its all right
now toss them up in the air, toss them higher and higher
look at them come spiralling down
go on toss it again, dance, jump, squeal with delight
giggle, laugh, scream all you want
pretend they are snow flakes falling on your face

Tired of this now? Then run home and
just ignore the paper bits
stuck in your hair.

Thursday, 12 February 2015

Same old same old

A jet plane has streaked across the clear blue sky leaving its silver trail. There are no signs of leaves coming in the tree outside my balcony. It is still bare, one more month to go maybe. Last year on march 15 we moved into this apartment. Everything was green then. This tree was full of leaves. 
Last night I woke up at 4 starving. After a lot of tossing and turning I sprang out of bed and had a hot mug of milk. It was too hot to drink instantly so I started reading Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets to pass time. I felt like a child again. The good old days when I used to read Harry Potter under the covers using a flashlight. It was fun. My friend and I had secret names out of that book and we used to write letters to each other and pretend owls delivered them. We were eager to learn all the spells used in each book. I remember once in the kitchen I took a ladle, pointed at my mom and said ' Stupefy' . We were HP maniacs.